Global Accent Rugs

There are many people who rely on accent rugs to set the mood in certain rooms in their home. These rugs can vary in size and in some rooms may be used for practical purposes. Having an accent rug in your kitchen or bathroom will protect people from slipping due to water spills on the floor.

Accent rugs can vary greatly in price depending on who you are purchasing them from and the quality of materials that are used. Mohawk accent rugs are high quality – but they are not the top of the market for accent rugs. If you are willing to pay for the highest quality in rugs than you should consider Global accent rugs.

Global accent rugs cater to people who want to spend hundreds of dollars in the highest quality rugs that will help to compliment the d├ęcor in your home. Many of the accent rugs that they offer are made from 100% wool, genuine leather, leather fiber, cow hide, and silk. They are made in a variety of ways that include; hand knotted, hand tufted, hand woven, hand made, and hand stitched.

They are each offered in a variety of colors and designs that will help to create an elegant and sophisticated look in your home. Because of the high quality materials and the work that is put into making them they are extremely expensive. They usually cost between $200 to $2,000.